Attendance numbers back up in Colbert County Schools after flu shutdown

Tuesday, was Colbert County students first day back at school after the flu and other illnesses caused the school system to shut down for a few days.

Last Friday, they already had a scheduled teacher work day and Monday was a Holiday so students only missed one day of class. Colbert County School offcials told WAAY31 last Wednesday, 23% of their student body was absent and today only 9%.

While students were out of class last Thursday teachers and school administrators spent the day cleaning all buses and schools with Clorox to get rid of any flu germs. School officials tell us they believe the break and deep cleaning helped because more students are in class this week.

“The flu season has been worse than normal,” said Deputy Superintendent, Wade Tuberville.”I think the break and getting kids away from one another helped calm that down.”

School officials have submitted paperwork to the Alabama State Department of Education to see if they will have to make up the sick time. They might not have to because Governor Ivey declared a state of emergency involving the flu.

Source: Waay31ABC

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