Custodians Spend The Summer Cleaning The School

Custodians Spend The Summer Cleaning The School

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

While most students and teachers are off on their summer vacation, others are ramping up their work day.

Alexus Larson reports on how schools are preparing for class to be back in session.

“For a brand new school year, you want a brand new look for the school,” said Dawn Whitcher, Summer Custodian.

The custodians are in full swing cleaning things like the floors for the students that will soon be walking these halls.

“We clean the rooms from top to bottom. We go from the lights down to the floor,” said Julie Mcmahon, Custodian.

During the school year, there are only 4 custodians but as soon as school gets out, 4 custodians become 10. They’re so busy teacher aids pitch in and work as custodians during the summer

“I like it. It’s a different pace than during the school year,” said Whitcher.

Dawn, who’s a teachers aide, is in charge of moving the furniture (nat sound)

“Some of the furniture is really like hard to move,” said Whitcher.

“We do a lot of things behind the scenes,” said Tim Magnuson, Head Custodian.

Its not a glamorous job. 10 hour days, 4 days a week, the jobs starts at 6 am to get these classrooms ready for fall.

“I think every custodian is appreciated when we do our stuff,” said Magnuson.

“Very important staff and appreciate everything they do,” said Jennifer Streich, Kindergarten Teacher.

By the time school starts, more than 50 classrooms, 2 gyms, and 2 locker rooms will clean and fresh for students and teachers to start their year.

“We do it all just to get it cleaned for the kids,” said Magnuson.

During the school year, Surrey Public School will go back to 4 custodians.

Someone comes in at 5 am, and the last person leaves at 10 at night.

School begins August 21st.

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