Elementary school uses technology to track classroom illnesses

A bluetooth enabled device is helping thousands make informed decisions about their student’s health.

Winning a war against germs can be tricky, but parents and school nurses at several Comal ISD schools have technology on their side. A bluetooth enabled device is helping thousands make informed decisions about their student’s health. Knowing when to visit the doctor or deciding to keep your child home from school can be a tough call. A smart thermometer that pairs with an app on your phone is designed to simplify those decisions.

Alisha Peavy says a good hand washing is her “go-to” for shaking off an army of nasty germs. The 10-year-old is rarely sick and her mom Kavita is doing everything she can to keep it that way. Over the last few months, the Peavy family has been using a Kinsa smart thermometer.

A quick read on the device and the information pops up on an app. Mrs. Peavy can add in her daughter’s symptoms and the data is uploaded anonymously. With Alisha being an Indian Springs Elementary student her information is added to the school’s profile with patient privacy still in place.

“You can see what kind of sicknesses are going around, how to treat them,” explained Alisha Peavy.

Her mom is well-versed in the multi-use app.

“I can go to groups, I can pull up Indian Springs, now it’s telling me in the 5th grade like this is what’s going around, they’ve got the cough, they’ve got [other symptoms], and there’s 41 kids connected to it.”

School nurse Catriona Salter enrolled her campus in the tracking program. Parents at the school get the thermometer for free.

“I can see if there’s strep throat or if there’s flu or illnesses that we need to be aware of,” said Salter. “We can have the custodians deep clean classrooms if we notice that there’s a trend in illnesses in certain classes.”

Salter says other Comal ISD Elementary schools are also part of the program. Kinsa encourages other districts to visit their website to learn more about enrolling in the program.


Source: KENS5

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