New cleaning service touts ridding viruses

BROOKE COUNTY, W. Va. — According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, school-aged children are a group with a high rate of flu illness.

One local school is stepping in to make the flu less of a concern.

The national average right now says students are missing approximately 164 million school days per year due to illness. A new cleaning service can help reduce that number

“When we’re cleaning, we do basic surface cleaning,” said St. Paul Catholic School Principal Deena Tomshack. “This will get places we could never touch. Kids touch everything all day long and this is going to get places we could never dream of.”

It’s called the Clorox 360 – a new technology that sprays away germs in minutes.

“As the Clorox solution exits the nozzle, what it will do – the solution will become atomized and charged with a force greater than gravity,” said Len Reynolds with Business Development for Apollo Cleaning.

The cleaning solution is improving the way people can get rid of the flu virus and other germs

“Our system can kill everything from the influenza virus to the rotavirus, to the norovirus,” Reynolds said.

“We had about 16 kids out with the flu, so we want to make sure we stop it in its tracks,” Tomshack said.

Kids’ hands hit every surface all day long.

“It will wrap around surfaces it will get underneath on top areas missed by normal cleaning,” Tomshack said.

With this new system from Apollo Cleaning and Restoration, there is no residue left on any surface and — they’re in and out – fast.

“there’s minimal down time,” Reynolds said. “Minimum is five minutes, once we treat it, you can go back in and everything is taken care of.”

The solution is completely safe.

“There is no residual effect from our solution,” Reynolds said. “We can treat all the rooms, lockers, locker rooms, it will provide you will get a clean slate. You’ll be germ free from that point on and your cleaning crew can take over so when they come in, they’ll be starting fresh, bug free.”

If you are interested in having your home, business or school cleaned by Apollo Pro Cleaning and Restoration in Wintersville, you can contact them directly at (740) 264-6400.

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