School district has new way to kill germs

School district has new way to kill germs

WATERTOWN — With flu season fast approaching, the Watertown City School District is taking combative measures with a germ-killing sprayer.

Protexus, an electrostatic sprayer, gives disinfectant and sanitizer droplets a magnetic capability that allows more thorough cleaning and infection control.

The device is supposed to provide three times the coverage of a traditional sprayer, as well as being safer for humans and the surface its cleaning.

One cordless unit costs $695, according to a distributor website, and is being used in the district to improve attendance rates while simultaneously keeping students healthy.

Facilities Director Jason D. Compo said all the schools within Watertown City School District are sharing the one unit purchased for a test run.

If the district feels the device is effective, the plan is to buy one unit for each school.

Mr. Compo, who pitched the idea of purchasing the Protexus, said he read an article about a school downstate suffering from such low attendance rates it had to close for the day.

Rather than hiring the company, he said he’d rather be proactive and have the technology on hand.

“They had people come from the Protexus company and spray everything to eliminate whatever virus was going around,” he said.

While the device adds some extra work for the night-time cleaners in the district, Mr. Compo said the 99.9 percent accuracy of the device is worth it.

Source: Watertown Daily

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