Shelby Co. school closed due to rodent problem got perfect score on last health inspection

Shelby Co. school closed due to rodent problem got perfect score on last health inspection

Students and faculty won’t be returning to Kirby High School for the third straight day.

Shelby County Schools announced the school will be closed again Thursday due to rodent problems, as crews work to clean and renovate the school.

“We are working closely with (the health department) to make sure the campus meets all health and safety standards,” SCS said via Twitter.

It is unclear how much longer the school will be closed.

Recent health inspections at Kirby High School produced results that some parents say is concerning.

On Aug. 14, the school received a perfect score on the inspection.

Some parents believe something has to have been missed in the report because the rats and snakes have been in the school for some time.

“When you encounter something like this you have to understand it’s been there and present,” said Derrick Reed, a parent. “It’s not a good look for our schools. Our children going to school in these conditions and we know they have been preexisting.”

Several school board members confirmed that the problem is being fixed.

School leaders say an update on when students will return back to school may be released Thursday.

However, they couldn’t confirm how the students will make up the days missed.

Kirby High School was closed Tuesday and Wednesday due to the rodent problem at the school, according to Shelby County Schools.

SCS announced via Twitter that crews are “working nonstop to eliminate the problem and prevent further issues.”

The school was closed Tuesday for rodent issues, as some got inside from outside the building.

The Shelby County School District said the safety of students and staff is their main priority, that’s why they canceled school.

Source: Fox 13

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