Do you know who is working at your school?

School cleaner swipes 48 iPads from Boca Raton school, police say

A man who works for a company contracted to clean St. Andrew’s School cleaned out nearly $29,000 worth of electronics from the private, college preparatory school, according to Boca Raton police.

Christopher Overstreet, 27, of Deerfield Beach, stole 48 Apple iPads and 36 charging cords from the lower school at 3900 Jog Rd. according to a police arrest report.

Overstreet works for the company hired to clean the school but —after not showing up to work or calling in— his supervisor told police he wasn’t authorized to be working there, investigators said.

About three days later, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office got an alert that five of the stolen iPads had been pawned by Overstreet in West Palm Beach. Boca Raton police were later able to determine that he pawned 31 of the 48 iPads, the arrest report said.

As the investigation progressed, Overstreet called a Boca Raton detective from Tallahassee, apologized for his actions and said he would turn himself in the next day. When asked about what happened to the iPads, he told the detective he pawned some of them and discarded the rest in Tallahassee, according to the report.

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